Nam Dung Limited showcases the best of technological advances and sustainable practices at the Indian International Seafood Show in Visakhapatnam

Leading provider of state-of-the-art technology-driven solutions for fishing and aquatic industry exhibits the latest technological advances and sustainable practices in shrimp and fish processing

The Indian International Seafood Show is a display of the latest technological advancements in the fishing and aquatic world and the 2016 edition of the show that took place between the 23rd and 25th of September in Visakhapatnam, was not an exception.

The event was another opportunity for Nam Dung Ltd, a world leader in the provision of safe and sustainable technological solution to aquaculture processors particularly in India, to show to the world they have got in stock. The Vietnamese company is known for its strong advocacy and support for high quality seafood processing for domestic and international market, a feature that has made it the top choice of players in the industry, especially in India and other Asian countries like Malaysia and Philippines.

India has grown to become of the top players in the export of seafood, with statistics showing that the current exports of seafood standing at Rs. 33,000. Andhra Pradesh holds the top position for the exports of shrimps from India.

The show in Visakhapatnam was held to showcase the potential of the nation as regards seafood export, as pointed out by the National President of Seafood Exporters Association, V Padmanabham. Nam Dung Equipment Limited has being at the forefront of the promotion of seafood export from India by providing different stakeholders in the industry, especially those along the value chain with top-notch world class technological solutions.

1 Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the different services and products offered by Nam Dung Limited. The products from the stables of Nam Dung include Shrimp processing equipment, fish processing equipment, steaming boiled group, and even agricultural processing equipment, just to mention a few, with all these products having sub-products, and adding to the different stages of the value chain of their respective uses.

The company also offers services to clients from different backgrounds through their consultancy services, delivered by experienced and well-trained engineers. This section of the company is majorly divided in to the consultancy and design sections, with each section made of experts in their fields, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2 Nam Dung Company Limited has a long list of highly-esteemed clientele from different parts of the industry, underlining the company’s claim of being a leader in the provision of safe and sustainable seafood processing solutions that are technologically-driven.

The history of Nam Dung dates back to over two decades of providing quality food processing solutions to different clients. While the company is renowned for its fish and seafood processing equipment and service, it is worth noting that the company extends its excellent service delivery to other types of foods and their production level.

About Nam Dung Co. Ltd

Headquartered in Vietnam, Nam Dung Company Limited has grown to become one of the top choice food processing solutions providers, cutting across the different value chains and level of food processing, with a particular focus on seafood and fish processing.

With over two decades of providing technologically-driven solutions to clients across the globe since its founding in 1993, Nam Dung has steadily improved in its service delivery and development of efficient and effective food processing solutions to its long list of customers. The company’s list of domestic and foreign customers emphasizes the trust and confidence the company has been able to build over the years.